Sunday, 8 May 2011

Interrail #7

It’s been months since my last Interrail post, right? I thought it was about time to get another one done. And hence, on this cloudy Sunday, we arrive in a similarly rainy Paris for a brief stopover, on Juillet 14 - national holiday, day of parades, free museum entries and heavy rainfall endangering historical sites!


Wet frenchmen on wet horses. Is this a bad time to mention Waterloo?

Sainte Chapelle - lower level

Pardon my obsession ...

And again ...

Vaults: They are not what they seem.

Palais de Justice.
Buildings, buildings, buildings.

Sudden irony in front of the Musé d’Orsay

Max at our dodgy youth hostel!

As a tragic consequence of the camera-unfriendly weather, far too few pictures taken that day. :(

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Alex said...

Yeah, ok but the few taken are wicked!

P.s.: I shall soon write to you.... I have an idea about this summer. XX