Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Slightly overdressed for the piss stain building?

Saturday, 28 March 2009

"That girl is gone."

It's not easy, but it is simple.

Go listen to She Played So Well by Bill-Ryder Jones. I'm half in love with him. Won't you just look at his cute little face.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Mad Peach.

Some music for walking through cities in spring, for two different moods.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

There's something wrong with me, I'm a cuckoo.


Breaking off is misery
I see a wilderness for you and me
Punctuated by philosophy
I'm wondering how things could've been

I'm happy for you
You've made it hard for me
I counted on your company
You are staying with your friends tonight
I'm feeling sorry for myself
I keep taking everything to be a sign

I'm happy for you
But now I know this hurt is poison
Too sharp to be bled
I'm sitting on my empty bed
I'm on my empty bed
At night the fever grows it's pounding pounding


Breaking off is misery
I see a wilderness for you and me
Punctuated by philosophy
I'm wondering how things could've been

I'd like to see you
But really I should stay away
And let you settle down
I've got no claims to your crown
I was the boss of you
And I loved you
You know I loved you
It's all over now

And I was there for you
When you were lonely
I was there when you were bad
I was there when you were sad
Now it's my time of need
I'm thinking, do I have to plead to get you by my side?

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Happy birthday.

Graham's new single got its first airplay on the radio today. It's so exciting.
Have a download, have a listen: Sorrow's Army
It makes me want to dance morbidly and deadly.

Oh, everything is lovely.
The world was a beachball and we were all friends.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Channelling sunshine.

The weather is absolutely lovely today.
I am studying for an exam on Gothic cathedrals and have dressed up like a sun-flooded stained glass window.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Thanks for saving my life ...

1. Presents from the Postman

Especially when they contain beautiful music from oversea packed in cardboard and feature such incredibly beautiful handwriting.

2. News of things to look forward to like the release of Graham Coxon's new album !!!

3. Messengers of spring within my own four walls

4. A new semester that promises great and exciting new courses despite initial apprehensions!

But most of all:

5. Friends!

Who need you and who you need.
Who remind you to laugh at your own sorrows and who remind you not to laugh at theirs.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


The whole world is turning into water. The whole world is being flushed down the drainpipes in huge, tumultuous squalls. Rain is pounding against the panes and little rivulets run togehter to form larger rivulets, until the whole window is suffused in tears. Although the movement of liquid on its smooth, hard surface does certainly not get to it, does certainly not penetrate. Glass shall not cry, anorganic and perfect, untouchable.

It doesn't seem to want to stop crying any time soon. Sometimes the wind dives in sending the loose bits about the house into spasm, it ripples through them like a sob; brief, painful paroxysm. Then, relaxation, and the rain comes to the fore again.

This is not a steady, reassuring trickle, not a steady, pluvial downpour. Nothing about it is even, or remotely comforting. It is breaks and pauses, it is tense and hectic and restless. It is a moaning woman who wanders distraught, inspiring fear and disgust of equal proportion in all she passes. This is no rain for pity.

It turns everything into a raw, abrasive mass, full of jagged edges and malignant corners. It glares at you with a diffuse, grey brightness that mercilessly destroys all the smooth comforts of darkness, without granting you the relief of light. It will never let you forget the evils of your world, on the contrary, it will point them out, accentuate them. This is no rain for pity.

Friday, 6 March 2009

If you're feeling sinister ...

My second recipe for improving my mood whenever I'm down (right after going places where I've never been, which I have already mentioned a while back), is to do something for other people, completely selflessly.

That ranges from doing the dishes, to beta-reading seminar papers or helping with academic research and many many other things. Bascially any problem, that you have, and I don't, I will gladly take on to solve. It works excellently to take your mind off your own problem(s) and you get the bonus good karma and good conscience for having helped a person without personal gain (although, of course feeling better strictly speaking is personal gain, and that turns the whole reasoning into a paradox, but let's not go there. Let's accept this slight element of hypocrisy, just for the sake of it, because it really works.)

My whole life is still a long running cosmic joke. But hey, at least the joke is on me. :D

You can dye your hair
But there's the one thing you can't change
Can't run away from yourself.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

This one's about ...

... not really being all that well, after all.