Sunday, 28 October 2012

Chai child.

First snow today! But gone already.

I’m drinking very sugary chai, eating cake and procrastinating productively (clean and reorganise power-cord and usb-cable box and spice cabinet: check). What are Sundays for if not that?

Sugary Chai

Ribisel Cheesecake

My schedule says they’re for having already written at least 27 pages of the thesis.
My schedule is a buzz-kill.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The importance of profession for identity.

I know so many people whom I’ve never asked what they do for a living. Their profession never entered into my perception of them as persons, or into our ‘relationship’ which centered around other, more immediate concerns.

On the other hand here am I, and here are most of my peers, going slightly crazy about what they’re going to do for a living and how it will affect their lives - and that is, in more than just a financial sense. And I think quite justly so. I mean it’s obvious that you wouldn’t spend most of your time doing something that you thought wasn’t congruent with who (you think) you are.

But arguably, a job is not the same job when two different people do it. So you’re always you, whatever job you do, you’re simply you-doing-that-job.

And moreover, people are more than their jobs. (Arguably, some are less. But let’s curb the misanthropy for a while ...)

I don’t know what I’m getting at with these paragraphs ... Possibly preparing mentally for and rationalising doing that one job that will definitely not be me. Possibly just blathering.


Monday, 22 October 2012

Dark kids die less unexpectedly.

Various Goals (Of Various Grades Of Feasibility)

1. Know and make all possible variations of lentil soup. (Here’s one that looks delish.)

2. Go for a walk. Autumn leaves and all.

3. Help make books. Like, dans la vie.

4. Hate less.

5. Knit a hat out of my cream coloured speckled yarn.

6. Read Russians and criticism of science.

7. Be kinda dark.

8. Travel to a different continent.

9. Figure out what the hell is going on with my taste in music. Make some music!

10. Build something. Out of wood and metal and stuff.

Friday, 5 October 2012

I sing songs to myself.

Some words:
Parsley. Mountain Goats. Cold morning. Tired. Other things. Breakability. Performative. Sentence. Season.


I’d really like to know why I so rarely do the things that make me so happy I could cry.