Sunday, 24 May 2009

I ♥ Vienna: Jasomirgott.

I love Vienna for its facades. This one is at the end of the wonderfully named Jasomirgottstraße.
In fact, I'm just posting this randomly for lack of anything else and what I had actually meant to take a picture of is not really visible any more: the woman who had daringly climbed out of the window in order to clean the outer window panes. She fled as soon as she noticed my interest and camera, and you can only catch a glimpse of her face behind the glass now.

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Alessandra said...

hahaha! the woman acts like i do whenever i see a camera pointing menaciously towards my accident, of course...tourists taking pictures of...well...everything, really...i never fail to wonder how many pictures must have captured my figure despite my efforts to fleeeee...
anyways, yes, I remember vienna's facades. fell in love with them. can't wait to see them again. next year? might be. it's in the plans.