Friday, 5 June 2009

I ♥ Vienna: Schlösselgasse

It's always amazing how I still haven't seen all the streets and alleys in the district I live in, even though it's the smallest in Vienna. And it always takes little accidents like getting on the wrong tram or getting off one stop earlier to make me go exploring. I didn't have much time for taking pictures today, because I had a library to go to before closing time, but here's two, and there's more at flickr, actually.

Later I met Theodora to see 4 homosexual-love-themed short films via the identities queer film festival, which turned out to be really rather depressing and shattered our rose-tinted illusions of sweet gay college boy love with the cast iron meat mallet of bleak human reality, or real humanity, whichever you prefer.
We were indeed so devastated that we had to have pizza and ice cream and talk a lot about romance and neuroses. I have to conclude that my idea of romance is problematic, and that the existence of neuroses is therefore not surprising.

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