Friday, 31 July 2009

July, July.

I have decided that the last day of July is a good day to send a life sign into the blogosphere. My presence in the interwebs has of late been of a rather lurkerlike quality, but I hope that my reluctance of active participation in the accumulation of random information in this textual mess of virtuality has not caused too many hearts to ache and eyes to moisten.

My July has been filled with a more or less balanced amount of travelling and activity and staying-at-home and idleness. Both was done with relish and, typically, a little wistfulness, for you know how it is with the grapes and the palates and the taste and the moment it all happens. (If not, Keats has more on it.)

I need a little more time to sift through photos of the Berlin trip, but a post dedicated to those is waiting in the eaves. For the time being, I will please myself rather than you, and post 2 pictures that caught my attention earlier today, and are rather random und unrelated apart from the fact that they are major sources of smilingness (for me).

^ (taken today)
My cat grinning smugly down at me after having clambered up diverse household items and garden furniture on our porch in order to reach a strategically advantageous position for overseeing the situation. Any situation.

^ (taken 2-3 weeks ago)
Max looking up at me on an escalator in Berlin. 'Nuff sed.

For tomorrow, I predict fine, hot weather, guests at the country house, good clean fun and possibly brownies and a spiffing peach and nectarine bowle (fruit punch) to round the whole thing off.


Anonymous said...

dude! we HAVE to meet again soon and exchange our july stories!
and speaking of keats: have you seen that trailer?

oh_pestilence said...

Dude, that looks fantastic! ;) Bit cheesy, but those films always are, n'est-ce pas?
Have you seen the trailer for Burton's Alice in Wonderland? Most interesting. Stephen Fry is the cheshire cat. LOL!

Anonymous said...

cheesy, I know, but sometimes cheesy can be just what you need. And Alice in Wonderland looks really interesting. Oh sigh, Stephen Fry <3
I hope it can live up to its expectations.