Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pink, green or sky blue?

Summer has hit Vienna and it is decked out in all the shallow prettiness it can muster. It’s time to wear summer dresses and take a camera for a walk to catch the city, time to eat ice cream on campus right before storming back into the library to find more books for the diploma thesis, or attend lectures about modern architecture. It’s time to get into life threatening situations involving bikes, tram rails and morning traffic and colour one’s knees the same colour as the sky - a shining blue.
Help yourself to some pictorial impressions:

I’m rather glad I don’t live in a city designed by Le Corbusier, for something tells me that there would be no room there for the mind-boggling quaintness of that shop near my flat that specialises - exclusively - in selling pigs in all forms imaginable. And I know my life would be much impoverished, if that shop weren’t there.


Anonymous said...

a. miss vienna but love berlin and just started thinking about moving to london in a year or two (all very complicated. indecisiveness can be a bitch sometimes...)
b. your dress looks lovely! (is the thing behind it covered by a blanket a piano?)

oh_pestilence said...

Haha tiny dwarf piano! :) It’s the entirety of my music supplies, including stereo, which I'm trying to protect from the EVIL DUST. My keyboard too.

I think I bought that dress in Paris, all those ages ago, but I might be mistaken.

Moving to London?! Wow, great plans. Don't move away from Berlin before I get a chance to visit you there.

We should skype, soon.

Anonymous said...

tiny dwarf piano = better than no piano!

oh, and a bike-tram incident happenened to me a couple of months ago too. But I have to say, I was quite fond of the giant yellow-purple-blue-greenish bruise below my knee.

Alessandra said...

Brilliant. Lovely blog entry... and lovely pictures! Yes, the dress is ace'ness.