Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Inbetween permanent boyfriend returns, temperature fluctuations of roughly 20°C, writer’s block, social life and minor operations of the left hand, a girl hardly finds time and mind to update her blog. As is typical when a lot of time has elapsed since the last post, you can either tell everything in great detail (which none of the parties involved is keen on, I’m sure), or you can be very succinct. So I’ll be succinct and leave it to your imagination to fill the plotholes. A few photos might be helpful.

Happy Happy! Looking doppelgangerish and not too sophisticated. Also: Max has decided to try out a Robinson Crusoe sort of beard, for fun, and. It’s grown on him. Haha.

Breakfast at Lisa’s country seat. Lots of om nom inbetween horrid fits of hayfever! I’m in love with the summertime!

Last week, when the heatwave hit Austria, swallows and all, you could either not eat, or eat yoghurt and fruit. We chose the latter and we chose well. Grapefruit, nectarines, and strawberry. Colour, smell and taste. It’s like Flanders in the 1650ties.

*Filibuster is the word with the greatest etymology. It went through four or five languages before arriving in English.


Alessandra said...

Sweet! Lovely! Beeeautiful! Ruddy WAHEY!! xxx

Alessandra said...

P.s.: I demand FB picture update, as well.
P.p.s.: Yes, "filibuster" is one of the best words in the English dictionary.