Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Reasons To Panic

... or why Malevich’s black square is starting to look more and more like a plausible and realistic depiction of the future.
  • Hectic red, toxic sludge is spilling all over the place and into running water about a two-hour drive from my hometown. And for once, this is not about vaporous and easily pushed-out-of-the-mind long-time effects. It’s killing people and shit, right now.
  • About 25% of the inhabitants of the city I live in would simply love to be ruled by a radical right-wing government. This is disillusioning and does inspire a certain sense of uneasiness when walking through the streets.
  • The only alternatives to exist in this world seem to be: asleep, arsehole, hypocrite, painful inbetween. I protest.
  • Society is doing its best to convince me of my uselessness, and it has almost succeeded. I always used to have a innate sort of trust in myself and the fact that everything will turn out okay; but I’m realising that this is very likely not at all up to me, and all my potential and imagination will be of no consequence as long as reality does not comply.
  • Deadlines, I hate you. Bureaucracy, I hate you even more. Being Ignored, you too!

    Can I not simply ...
    ... well.

    1 comment:

    Alessandra said...

    You fucking rule.

    Beautifully phrased.

    Also, a consistent report of what I, myself, think, in places.

    On separate, totally unrelated notes... I want to blog again. How can I get myself a private blog, though? I have no intention of going private and anything I write shall be readable only by a small number of people I shall invite into my world. xx