Thursday, 25 November 2010

Unite, despite.

Timberland Fold-Down Fleece Boots!


You will be mine, and winter and snow will not be able to hurt me!
Also, I will stop shopping incontrollably (I’ve also already bought a new power adaptor for a synthesizer today) as of NOW, because shopping incontrollably is not to be approved of, especially not in the holiday season when everybody else is susceptible to it and you’re supposed to lead by example and not join in. Incidentially, I hope you’ll all remember that it’s BUY NOTHING DAY on Friday/Saturday.

(Oh, the sad irony of this post. Now we know where the ‘post’ in postmodern comes from.)


Dot said...

I kind of love you.

d.ash. said...

Yay! :) :)

Alex said...


Oh dear.

Are you sure you will able to avoid Xmas shopping spree??? Hm??? I shop in odd ways.... I won't be shopping for Xmas - I will only buy a couple of presents - but I shall indeed buy some much needed stuff for myself.... it's been needed for a while but because December's upon us, any purchase that's made during this month is, in fact, a Christmas purchase... like it or not. Aaaaargh!

I feel guilty because a part of me actually likes this... and I like the idea of purchasing what I need. It's good quality stuff.