Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow - Snow - Snow

New and unheard Pallettiana ... listenable here ...! Squee! (No. 6!)
(I kind of love how on Soundcloud you can comment on any single second of a recording.)

The well known view from my bedroom window, on Saturday.

And the view from the tram on the Ringstra├če on Sunday morning


My parents’ back garden looked like this today, at dawn.
There’s a yet naked, yet chilled christmas tree, also.

I’m loving the cold weather and snow, but I’m disconcerted by its effect on air traffic (of course not quite unselfishly). My fingers are therefore crossed for friends and lovers trying to return to their homes from abroad before Christmas - can you imagine the horror of spending your Christmas separated from loved ones, warmth, food and presents, but surrounded by hundreds of grumpy strangers, camping in an airport?

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Anonymous said...

I like snow and cold weather too. I like the quieting effect it has.
As for the air traffic... We'll find a way to get back! If worse comes to worse we'll rent a car, take a bus, hitch-hike, Christmas is not to be spent at Tegel!