Monday, 8 August 2011

Something for the Weekend

Things I enjoyed this weekend:

  • Picking up the first, tiny, red apples that had fallen from the trees – We’ll be juicing them soon!
  • Engaging barter trade – I gave my friend’s family a bottle of home made apricot syrup and received a pound of bacon and home grown tomatoes and peppers in return. (I think the swap was a bit uneven, I might have to bring a few more bottles next time.)
  • Going for a long run with my mum (or make that, having gone for a long run, because running is just one of the things that I cannot really enjoy doing, but do them entirely for the great feeling of having done them) and then swimming across the lake and back. Yay!
  • Reading more and more about Kara Walker and her disconcerting scissor cut art ...
  • Apricot cake!
  • A Saturday night of videos and Scrabble ... A Sunday night of getting drunk and not getting into a concert and sitting around outside discussing the world’s problems.

And here are some pictures.

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