Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Safe as Houses.

Staying indoors?

Lately I’ve been wondering who the people who read this blog are.

Now, I know that a few of my friends read it more or less regularly, and they are the ones who leave comments, if they do. But unless the blogger statistics are lying to me (which I am not fully convinced they’re not), there are more of you.

Hello? How’s it going? Are you here frequently, or are these just coincidental hits followed by speedy and panicky retreats?

Who are you, where you’re from? What do you like? Where do you live?

I’m sometimes having a hard time writing into the void, so this is an attempt to probe and chart the unknown anonymity and fill it with faces and places. Drop me a note, will you?


Anonymous said...

schöne idee, die mich dazu bewegt aus der bequemlichkeit der anonymität ein wenig auszutreten, da blogs ja nicht wie tv-programme à la passives zapping funktionieren sollten. aber so ähnlich muss ich dieses blog entdeckt haben-vom hangeln von seite zu seite. (erinnere mich nicht mehr genau) ich lese hier gerne, weil in den einträgen viel inspration (reisen, lektüren, kunstwerke, rezepte...) und eine prise humor stecken, die mich ansprechen. ich finde auch sehr schön, wie du schreibst. habe selbst kein blog und kommentiere ungern anonym, finde allerdings diese aufforderung hier originell und sympathisch.

Elise said...

I think I am guilty of being a silent observer quite often around here. My name is Elise, I'm Australian but at the moment I live in Berlin. I'm trying to learn how to make handmade shoes here but there are not very many teachers so I actually just spend a lot of my time drinking tea and riding my bike around in search of parks/good coffee/cake/book stores etc. I'm looking forward to seeing snow and to getting a job so I can speak German every day. And I really enjoy reading your blog!

d.ash. said...

Hey, thank you for actually replying, you two! And welcome and thank you for reading my blog.

I’m myself usually a lurker on most blogs that I read, because it’s awkward to just introduce yourself to what is essentially a stranger, and because I’m usually a little too self-conscious about my own person (and my interestingness) to do this.
But as soon as the ice is broken, it’s a bit easier to overcome one’s inhibitions.

So ... I would love to see more comments from you both in the future, so this blog can be more ... interactive, somehow; not so one-sided. :) But no pressure, haha.

celine said...

i'm a big lurker, too, but i've commented a few times. :) i haven't really introduced myself though and i feel like i should rectify this!
so here goes: my name is celine. i currently live in seattle, but was born in berlin.
i really like how thoughtful your posts are. i also feel weird blogging and wonder who i'm addressing. it's nice to get to know people via their blogs and comments and stuff, but i'm super shy and it usually takes me a long time to muster up the courage to actually comment.

meohmycaroline said...

i'm a major lurker too, in fact i lurk on a lot of blogs, which my boyfriend finds really creepy as i know so much about someone yet they know nothing about me. when i was on holiday this year in nyc i saw days of dane walk past me and i was too shy to say anything, same with doimpossible things at indietracks in 2009. which is just silly really.

so! i'm caroline i live in manchester, but was born in aberdeen. i study medicine and enjoy cycling, gardening and being as creative as possible. i love your blog as its so personal and it gives me an insight into living in a different country. i guess your recipes too, my dad used your elder flower syrup recipe and absolutely loved it!

anyways my tumblr is if you ever need a face to this post :)

d.ash. said...

Hi Celine – I know you already, yes! :)

And Hi Caroline! I’m following your tumblr. (I’m not sure if I just clicked on it or if I’ve been following you before, but anyway I am NOW.) I like what I see. :D

As if it wasn’t self-evident: EVERYONE is welcome to comment (more often), and I’ll be really happy when you do. Don’t worry about being inane or random either. I like that.