Sunday, 17 June 2012

Summer in the city ...

It’s summer* and I’m in the city.
Why would anyone even think that is a good idea? Well, it isn’t, but I’m buried in work and work involves several ton-weighing tomes and the computer, so that I can’t just pack myself together and transfer to greener pastures. Therefore I have to endure my room turning into a sweltering 40°C hot-house come four o’clock (that’s when I get direct sunlight) and hardly cooling down at night. It’s not particularly conductive to productivity. But any emigration to air conditioned libraries would again require the transportation of tomes, so alas I am stuck.

It’s not that bad.
We can listen to this song together and dream of a world where business men on pogo sticks are a thing.

And here are some pictures from Thursday before last (which was Corpus Christi, and also maybe our third anniversary, egads!), when Max and I had the brilliant idea to go rowing on the Old Danube.

Rowing is a lot of fun. And you get to laugh condescendingly at the lazy people in motor boats.

So long!

* think tropical nights

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