Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Candy-coloured custom cuteness!

I've long been planning to dedicate a blog-post to the teensy little greatnesses that Artemis creates in her spare time and will ship to affictionados all over the world for but a little financial compensation. Among her product range are such varied goods as pastel-coloured moustache-shaped soaps, fake-patisserie pins and necklaces that look like an entire scrumptious afternoon tea party shrunk down to fairy-size (including the china) - but still temptingly realistic so you're not sure if you want to pin them to your lapel or rather stick them in your mouth - and original, unique jewellery made from vintage buttons and similar charity shop finds. It might be a little too saccharine-scented for some, but hey, on some days, pastel-pink is still the best colour to go by, and for those who frequently get girl-shocked by that sort of colour scheme, there's still the jelly-green boombox soaps or a hearty breakfast of soap. But enough of those words, here's the creamy cream of her flickr account:

But there's more where these came from. Just check etsy and flickr for additional fake-yum!

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