Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Back into Pop!

After my September exile in the land of Haydn symphonies I always find it a bit difficulty to find my way back into my usual popular-music-listening habits.
But I stumbled across this on the airwaves on my way back from a short hit-and-run-trip into Vienna, and it screams "Pop!" (and also "We're not very original in our naming but PROBABLY ARE SO IN A POST-MODERN IRONIC WAY, HAHA!")

Slightly generic, ephemeral, teenage, unintellectual and not at all new. But ever so feel-good! Alright!


Dot said...

yeah....we were planning to go to their free show in Stockholm but missed it because we decided to get some sleep instead. it's okay though. sleep is important.

Alessandra said...

Oh I totally agree. I, too, stumbled across this about a week ago and thought and felt this:

"hell it's soooo boring and unoriginal and bland...but I can dance to it, it feels strangely fresh, despite everything!"

weird weird weird. I should not really like this song...but I do.

Guilty pleasure. Innit.