Thursday, 17 September 2009


A picture of me taken in the woodland twilight (strictly no sparkling!) of last Sunday's afternoon walk with Lisa:

We had planned to go looking for mushrooms, but all we found was moss, acorns and a few very toxic-looking fungi, which we took with us for scientific examination. We decided that they were probably not good for eating, and instead had delicious plum cake and tea.
Somehow Sundays seem more valuable and precious when you've spent the whole week under the yoke of strictly organised working hours. At university, you occasionally forget what weekend means for most of the rest of the population. Quite interesting!

And here a couple of photos of the sheep we met on our way into the woods. I like sheep. We weren't sure if the colourful smaller animal wasn't maybe a shoat (geep?). Apparently some people doubt that such a thing can even exist, but I am quite positive it does. I love hybrids!


Anonymous said...

plum cake! shoats! sounds like a perfect afternoon (despite the not-finding-edible-mushrooms part)...

Alessandra said...

Lovely stuff, misses!
Animals aside, this sounds a lot like an experience I had in the highgate area I think it was...aaand in the alexandra park area...when I was 19...indeed, mushrooms are there to be found. I did not have the courage to take them with me but some of those who were with me did...and even ate them in the evening! They're still alive. Also, they said that those mushrooms were delish. Mah, Haha.