Thursday, 5 November 2009


I'm back from my trip to France to visit Max. These 10 days have been full of autumnal ambulations through parks and medieval alleys, exceedingly lovely weather, exceedingly crap weather, visits to Romanesque churches and small museums, alternatives-to-the-internet©, fixing shower drains, trips to the sea-side, improvised home-cooking with delicious outcomes, getting drenched in the rain after missing the night bus, snuggling up in a tiny bed and breakfasts for two at eleven thirty.

So all in all ... y/y/y! <3

That person.

Schnitzel according to Max. (I would take peas instead of the apple puree) We had to make the breadcrumbs ourselves, because apparently they don't sell readymade bread-crumbs for breading in France.

Église Saint-Hilaire: the hilarious church

Poitiers is predominantly made up of streets like that.

Some photographic evidence of our borderline-retardedness, for good measure.

Whereas shots of our feet are much safer and generally preferable!

The French do strange things to their trees.


Also, as you can see, I am so very pathetic that I even have a new countdown already. Dog love ftw!


Alessandra said...

And these ones, too! Lovely!!!!

Also...autumnal ambulations. What a lovely expression. Do you mind if I borrow it in colloquialisms, during the day?
My brain is slowly dying...out of obsessions. I need a refresh.


oh_pestilence said...

Borrow, steal, as you like xx :)