Saturday, 27 February 2010


I am back from France with an enormous head cold.

Here is a list of body parts which are affected by it:
1. Head (ache)
2. Nose (clogged, and sore from multitudinous nose-blowing)
3. Sinuses (clogged)
4. Ears (strange pressure anomalies due to enormous head cold and clogged sinuses taken to aviation altitudes)
5. Head
6. Tooth
7. Lungs (hurts from cough)

Here’s a list of things I’m reading:
1. Mythologies, by Roland Barthes
2. Lecture script, and accompanying literature for my visual studies* course
3. S/Z, by Roland Barthes (in french!)

Spring is on the doorstep and beckoning everyone to go outside and have picknicks, take walks and plunge into ponds - all things which are not highly recommendable with an enormous head cold, so accordingly my mood is rather on the grumpy side.
This blog will bring to you soon the exploits of my photographic endeavours during the France trips, although chances are that you have already seen all of them in some other medium. So everything’s boring and lachrimose. Yeah.

Bells, wells,

*term used for lack of a better translation of “Bildtheorie”

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Alessandra said...


I LOVE YOU. But you knew this already! xxx