Thursday, 12 August 2010


As none of the avid observers of this blog will have failed to notice, I’m still putting off the formidable task of uploading, posting and commenting upon the enormous load of travel photos safely stored away on my hard drive.
Therefore, and meanwhile, a succinct representation in visual form of what I am chiefly occupied with at the moment.

Breakfast, Kitchen
This is Max’s kitchen in a breakfast context.

Weird new doctor
This is the strange new doctor and his bitches.

This is couscous stuffed peppers with three kinds of cheese, aka devil’s cock and balls.

This is a page of the book on Herakles I was reading yesterday.

This is my stack.


Anonymous said...


I want no.3

when will you have time to meet (despite evidence shown in no. 5)? I arrive tomorrow evening!

oh_pestilence said...

Ui das wird sich schon mal ausgehn! Bin übers Wochenende jetzt im Burgenland, aber nächste Woche dann wieder in Wien. Und ich möcht dich sowieso auch mal auf den Landsitz einladen ...

Alessandra said...

I did notice that you were not putting up pics but I thought it best not to be a nuisance with my requests hahahahha xxx

oh_pestilence said...


Alex, I've started uploading pics on flickr, but I’ll be a while before I can actually form coherent blog entries from them... :)

Alessandra said...

Take your time, dear :)