Monday, 30 August 2010

Interrail, #1: Venice

1. Venice clichee number 1: Canals and gondolieri.

2. Another typical looking picture of Venice that works well for introductory purposes.

3. The morning of July 4th. First hazy attempts at orientation after getting off the night train.

5. Our residence: “Ca’ Dario”. It had air condition.

6. Venice clichée number 2: Small canal, bridge over canal, preciously decorated gondola in foreground. I think this was taken was near Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari.

7. Public display of religion: In the face of outdoor icons of the Madonna, Max is turning increasingly pious.

8. Epic once-in-a-century storm, and we are ‘stranded’ at the Lido. Question of the moment: “Is a Vaporetto a Faraday Cage?" (I still don’t know.)

9. Day 2: Piazza San Marco. Isn’t the duomo pretty?

10. Star-struck by the tetrarchs.

11. Venice clichée number 3: Narrow walls lining a narrow canal. Laundry lines and boats.

12. In order to demonstrate our lack of interest in glassblowing, we visit Burano, not Murano. There are pretty, colourfully painted little houses there, and lots of people selling lace to tourists.

13. Oh yes, and this is us. We’re not that photogenic, but ...

14. Dusk in Venice.


Anonymous said...

want to see more!

oh_pestilence said...

All in good time, little grass hopper, all in good time!
Morgen gehst du schon nach Berlin zurück, du Arme, und wir haben uns nur einmal gesehn! :( Na, hoffentlich is dort wenigstens das Wetter besser.

Anonymous said...

ja! schade! :(

Alessandra said...

Oh god... these are so lovely. I miss you, guys.


More pics!