Monday, 3 January 2011

Approximately 10 Resolutions.

My plans to improve my life during the next year are all formulated in the positive. There is nothing I want to get rid of apart from certain emptinesses, repetitivenesses and failures in execution.

Do more ...
  1. ... (proper) reading
  2. ... going to museums (and not missing exhibitions all the time!)
  3. ... language learning (Russian? Italian?)
  4. ... travelling (the Balkans? Istanbul? Scandinavia? Wales? Florence/Tuscany again? ???)
  5. ... crafting (knitting, crocheting, making twee jewellery, etc.)
  6. ... film watching/cinema going
  7. ... body moving
  8. ... food exploring (both in my own kitchen and abroad)
  9. ... flat optimising and beautifying
  10. ... and also blogging, in a more committed way?

(via here.)

In other words, I would like to waste my time in a meaningful way.
I will go about this in a systematic way.


Anonymous said...

Mine are EXACTLY the same - plus less smoking :)
and, hey, if Max doesnt'have time and I enough money, would you like to go travelling with me? just a thought...

d.ash. said...

Yes that sounds fantastico! I think many small trips work better than one large one anyways, at least you usually have more energy at your disposal that way.