Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Largeness of Mind.

Today I went to the Library of the Technical University to copy an indispensable article on this building for my art history presentation. It was my first time there and I was struck by how cosy and comfortable everything was, on the one hand, and how well equipped the library was, on the other hand. (Magnificent and free scanners? Who knew?) Obviously - and everybody knew that anyway - the arts/humanities have to pay for their uselessness not only by being the target of much public disdain but also by being financially disadvantaged. But no point in moaning, is there? Besides, the toilets there are not only smelly but they also have anti-junkie lights a combination which didn’t fail to make me feel physically sick.

We then went to the market and to the record shop where I bought Element of Crime’s new cover album. Yay for unexpected purchases.

Then we went home and made Pad Thai, of which no evidence remains; and I melancholically decided that now that Christmas is behind us, it’s about time that the weather goes back to conditions which facilitate cycling and the wearing of outfits such as this one:

Largeness of Mind

You should probably listen to this song/watch this video:

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