Sunday, 23 October 2011

Interrail #8

Dear friends, I am horrible with uploading and blogging photos.
One prime example is the seemingly inexhaustible stock of Interrail travel pictures, which are now over a year old and still waiting patiently on my hard drive to be posted and written about. So I figured it was about time that I continued the series. As you perhaps remember, the last stop was Paris.
After that we hurried on to Amiens, a small town in Picardy, famous for its gothic cathedral (built between 1220 and 1270).
Apart from that, it’s just an ordinary French small town, I guess. See yourself.
Upon arrival, we find the weather decidedly colder than we had experienced in the days before. Button up!
Here we go then! The façade. Much excitement. Amiens was my favourite gothic cathedral back then. (I’ve since decided that it’s not that easy to say.)
Max and a couple of headless martyrs. The sculptures in the embrasure of the portals are worth the visit alone.
Inside. (Can you see the cracks? That’s for trying to get too close to heaven.)
I walked all the way to the centre of the labyrinth.
This is sculpture is called la Vierge Dorée. It used to be gilt, hence the name. It also used to be on the outside of the cathedral, which is why it is no longer gilt.
More martyrdom!? Don’t you love catholicism and its crazy love affair with death? Don’t you love the executioner’s bum? Don’t you love the little dog looking on in wonder? One day I will write a paper on the significance of all the little dogs looking on in wonder in Christian art.
More death love! I would have loved to take this (decidedly un-gothic) little cherub with his skull home with me. It would have been great on my non-existent mantelpiece.
Outside: Official buildings are still decked out in Bastille Day decorations!
Well, well! (Haha, oh no.)
Are you in the mood for some flying buttresses? Honestly. How could you not be?
Me in full interrail gear. Go front-and-backpack! And already we say good-bye to Amiens. Efficient tourism, is what I call that. On to ... LILLE.
Hello, international waters. So the Dutch word for rental is cognate with "whore" and "Hure". Car whoring, anyone?

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