Monday, 17 September 2012

Hey butcher!


Hey. Sometimes I wish I could just permanently regress to my teenage self and happily obsess about things (fictional or semi-fictional persons/events) to a frighteningly intense degree.

The relativism, scepticism and insecurity of my adult mind can get rather aggravating. Sometimes I'm afraid that I'll eventually bungee back and join some cult just because I'm so direly starved for faith (in the broader sense).

You can listen to this song, because it's in my brain right now. Please avoid watching the video. I'm sorry, I really couldn't find a less irksome one. I've always loved the way the apocalypse and or general carnage feature in Pulp lyrics. I'm quite apocalypse friendly in general. I guess it's a not-quite-part-of-this-world-thingy.

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Alex said...

I, too ,am apocalypse-friendly... but most importantly, I know this feeling expressed in this blog entry so well. I will articulate more on this soon. For the time being, I am trying to focus on living / enjoying the decent moments I am having... because they are rare.. but I do deem those OCD moments a safe refuge. I still have them. P.s.: sorry for having neglected this blog for so long, I've been globally distracted / focused on other things but am back for good, honey! Alex xx