Sunday, 14 March 2010

Life’s a thrill, now that you made me ill!

Race Horses are my new favourite band of sorts. As you know, in the postmodern age, the concept of originality is outdated anyway, so it doesn't matter that they sound, at times, exactly like Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci (Euros Childs produced their album, and especially the slow ballads are very much in the same vein as Gorky’s) and at time exactly like ultra-early Libertines (think Legs 11, my long time favourite, which features someone other than Carl or Pete singing, and embodies the sort of prelapsarian innocence of the fictional time before everything went pear-shaped). Also, I’ve always said that if that which you copy is nice, and if you manage to invest it with some new energy and spirit, then please go ahead. And please, by all means use lyrics like “I wanna be your pony/ I wanna be your one and only” and “She wanted cake! She wanted cake! She wanted ca-ake!”, as well as those in the beautiful Welsh language. Because that’s all superb, you know. It’s also highly recommendable to feature a picture of a king fisher on your album artwork, thuswise:

Not only are Race Horses musically brill, they also have the acest bowl cuts since Leisure-era Blur, which you can view in the following video, to one of my favourite songs from their current album ‘Goodbye Falkenberg’, here, now, and lovelily. It’s about the man with the power (!). Go!

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