Thursday, 18 March 2010

Autobiographical Blogging = Boring!

Spring is here!, as exemplified formally and symbolically by this lamb.

Warm temperatures (15°C) coincide with an immediate lift in spirits, and positive outlook on life, even though not everything is ideal:


1. I have read far too little, in other words nothing by Jorge Luis Borges.
2. The Ekphrasis lecture I decided to do this semester is a huge disappointment and seems to be little more than an highschool English class with semiotic leanings. Why???
3. I keep putting things into food that I know I don’t actually want, for reasons I don’t fully grasp. (I think convention and optics usually play a certain role.) Yet I always end up picking red bell peppers or cherry tomatoes out of my meals, and simultaneously wasting ressources and somehow ruining it for myself. I must work on this.
4. Max is going to be out for dinner and all eternity today and that means I cannot annoy him with theoretical discos.
5. I’m out of unseen or forgotten Heroes episodes.

On the other hand:


1. I had pasta salad with avocado and shrimps, and the need for minor adjustments concerning garlic quantity and cherry tomato presence taken into account, this could be the stuff that dreams are made of!
2. I’m beginning to enjoy the Postmodernism Reader now that it’s started to deal with literature, and am actually getting a hang of the whole self-guided library study/research thing.
3. Rising early (before the alarm rings, woken merely by the sun and the ticking clock) turns me into a purposeful and functioning human being. Which is a nice change.
4. I’ve almost finished spring-cleaning the flat. It’s gonna be like new and the prospect of a weekend with room temperature outdoors makes my heart sing.
5. Love song posters - please ignore that it starts with U2. The idea is charming. Maps is my favourite.

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Alessandra said...

Your life is far more interesting than my own... even in its downwards. Hehe. xx