Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Please forgive this brief intrusion ...

Well, I am one of those young would-be hipsters who are going to Berlin in the near future. Very near future. Less than 24 hours, in fact.

I got up very early today: at quarter to 5 a.m. Then I got up again, at half past 5, at 6, and at 7, which is when I started packing. You can see photographic evidence of my obsessive compulsive tendencies right here:

Although the camera messed up the colours, I think it should be clear that everything is completely colour co-ordinated. There are only 3 colours - red, blue, dark yellow - and black and white. Even the bottle of the sun lotion conforms. The perfect order is only broken by my stupid lilac coloured contact lense fluid!!
I did this to calm my nerves.

I can say with some pride that I have finished my Art History paper in due time. Something
tells me, however, that I probably won't be so 'fanatick' as to write the missing 6.000 words for the English Seminar paper until 4.30 am tomorrow, which is when I have to leave the house to catch the bus to the airport. It would be the honourable, dutiful, and utterly relieving thing to do, but I'm not sure it would result in the best version of the paper I could possibly produce. Not that I would actually write the best version of the paper I could possibly produce in any case. I'm much too scared of failure to give my best. And, incidentally, too lazy. Which brings to the fore the real reason why I will probably not have that paper ready by tomorrow. On the other hand it would be really fantastic not to have a left-over task nagging at the back of my head and dampening my mood for the rest of the week. We will see. Sleep is overrated, as they say.

"If I am to die
Let it be in summertime
In a manner of my own choosing
To fall from a great height
On a warm July afternoon."

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Pearl said...

I loved that poem. What is it from?

I've found your blog to be very interesting. :-) Thank you.