Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Colour me pinkly.

Johnny Flynn (and The Sussex Wit)

I first heard of Johnny Flynn about one and a half year ago - or should I say I just heard him - without the preposition? One of his tracks - Tickle Me Pink - was on one of those NME compilation CDs, and I loved the song. I did check him out back then but didn't find much as he was still pretty new. I kinda forgot about him after that, but yesterday I remembered the song and had a look around on his myspace and on youtube. And lo and behold, now the boy is signed to Vertigo, has an album out, and an impressive number of videos up on his "official" youtube account.
There is now a new version of Tickle Me Pink, as well. It's much poppier and sort of radiofied, I like it though.

Old version:

New version:

I'll order his album.

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