Wednesday, 27 August 2008

La pastie ...

Colle de mon age.

It seems all I'm posting these days are Youtube videos. That's because I don't leave the house and have nothing to take pictures of, but myself, which I don't see a reason for. But I have been researching The Monochrome Set, so here's the cream of what can be found on youtube for you:
Jet Set Junta
(I wanna be the tamburine woman on the right!)

Jacob's Ladder

This is from their 1985 album. It's stylistically so very different from the early stuff I knew previously, that I first doubted that it was the same band. Maybe this was their mid-decade sell-out album ... the Monochrome Set Parklife.
It's still good, despite the Gospel backing vocals. It's also a pretty spectacular video if you ask me.

Eine Symphonie des Grauens

Early! Gloomy! Mumbled incomprehensible lyrics!
There are some parallels to Franz Ferdinand, I suppose. And his way of gazing into space/at the audience sort of resembles that of Alex Kapranos.

Argh, it makes me uneasy to try and write about music, and pretend I know something more about it than that I like it or don't like it. I don't! I am simply NOT an authority in this field. :(

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Dot said...

WAHAHAHAHA a panda?!?!111!! Ur toll, ich bin begeistert!!! Rufzeichen Rufzeichen. Ich hab heute die Tour de Franz angeschaut, ganz herrlich. Danke für die Monochrome Set Recherche, ich werd mir die nach dem Essen zu Gemüte führen.