Thursday, 28 August 2008

Am I awful?

Here's round two of trying too hard. Me and fashion. (Consider my eyes rolled.)

There's more to life but pink and green, but not much more:

I actually hate to combine pink and green because it's much too obvious and really trite. But I like these tights. I blame it on the shoes that the whole outfit doesn't work. And maybe on the shawl, which robs me of any neck I might ever have had. It seems I really have a tendency to be frightfully unoriginal and monochrome but I think it works better just like this:

Not least because it makes me the personification of this album cover:

I think I'll launch a series of outfits inspired by album covers. That should be interesting.

Because I am a conceptual person, I sometimes want things just for their name. That is why I bought the weird port wine like stuff that was called Lacrima Christi. That is also the reason why this unearthment overjoys me and why, despite the very strong likelihood that the drink is really disgusting, I really wanna try it:

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