Sunday, 4 January 2009

More than January.

Thanks to everyone who voiced concern about my health (i.e. Alex), I'm feeling much better now, although the cough prevails. Apparently, I must've run a pretty high fever on Thursday, but never knew because I don't have a thermometer in Vienna. But when I came home to my parents' on Friday night, I still had slightly raised temperature, even though I'd been taking antipyretic stuff for two days. Wtf. Bodies are odd things.

I've been mostly reading and sleeping, and getting rather depressed and sick of the country.
Counter-measures are: coffee from the George-Clooney-machine, watching the ski-jumping (I'm getting a taste for it too. Apparently a disproportionately large percentage of ski-jumpers have amazing soa. But why are there no female ski jumpers?), starting a new phone-sock while watching the ski-jumping, and then going ice-skating on the lake.

The light was amazing, unfortunately the battery was too low for auto-focus.

I can do pirouettes. (Well.)


Alessandra said...

really glad to know you're feeling better :)
and lakes! frozen, too! I have a passion for lakes, you know! I get very soppy about them, I truly adore them..
you can skaaaate!! aah, brilliant. I've always been afraid, you know. I kinda tried but not that much, to be honest...I! Which, said by someone who used to do weird things with knees and legs, is a bit silly, I know...but what can I's the uncontrollable's the speed you might not be able to control...all of this freaks me out a bit...but it also fascinates e, because it must give such a unique sense of freeedom.
Lovely pics!

Anonymous said...

Angeblich hat der weibliche Körper einen zu niedrigen Schwerpunkt für Skispringen.