Monday, 12 January 2009

You've touched my heart ...

The time slot between Zyklus I and Iconography is just long enough to cook some delicious brokkoli and cheese pasta, and to post some pictures from the concert at the B72 yesterday:


It was a wonderful concert, not least because I was surrounded by a number of much liked people, and of course, fuelled by my renewed Iceland obsession, I was full of euphoria (even though their lyrics are, sadly, mostly in English) just because they were there!

Listen to some of their songs:
They're excellent. Their album is out some time in February, or was it March? I've got it already. :)

Effi (Austria)

Unfortunately there are no pictures of the wonderful support band (or artist) Effi, who is from Graz, and makes lovely, sweet, heart warming, and enthuseating music using a loop thingy! (As you perhaps know, everyone with a loop thingy doesn't have to try very hard to win my heart).
Some voices were heard stating that Effi was indeed more happifying than Hjaltalín themselves. I almost dare say they had a point. So for lack of pictures, check out his myspace instead:


Alessandra said...

effi are from graz? i've been to graz! i didn't like it haha...but i guess it was because the whole situation i was in there was rather desperate...i was in a bad and stressed state of mind and that was the first austrian place i foun myself in...i can't even remmber much of it, to be honest...

must check this band!

Dani Chamois said...

Yes, indeed. Sad to hear that your memories connected with Austria are negative ones (but then again, so are most of mine, and I live here ;) ...)
I think Graz is one of the nicer larger towns in Austria, but I guess the impression you get of a place always depends so much on the situation ... I know that from experience.
Needless to say, I'd love to welcome you here in Vienna one day, if you'd like to renew your Austria experience ... I'd be honoured to have you as my guest. :D

Alessandra said...

haha no no don't get me wrong, I LOVED austria!!!!

I just didn't like graz but to be fair, i didn't even see much of it ad yeah...we were in a bad state....that played a role, I am sure

yeah yeah i am definitely coming back at some point and thaaanks for having me!!! which reminds me that youuu should come over here, actually!!! :)