Monday, 5 January 2009

Alone we stand, together we fall apart ...

Today, I'm feeling like one of my favourite words: facetious
I'm determined to make fun of everything and everyone, in the face of even the gravest adversity and depression. I'm sick of wallowing.

I'm practicing a little more old-lady-dom, spending quality time with cats and knitting yarn:

(Blur due to excessive love.)

(It's so much fun to knit in 2 colours! I love it.)

And now ... back to the city. Back to amazing academic achievement! Ha! Hahaha!
I am inspired by James Cook. I shall take the world.

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Alessandra said...

you back in vienna, then?
I've just come back to florence...I mean...just...I came back this morning, went straight to the office to make some copies, worked, went back's been a long day. It's not over yet, actually but I am taking a break.
I applaaaude your attitude!!