Monday, 6 April 2009

At Marsh End.

Although the title could be interpreted as a reference to my attempt at being a functional person in my own right without resorting to the undignified, pathetic and demeaning use of Rochesters and the like, it's also literally true because a considerable portion of my parents' garden has actually turned into a swamp-like landscape and is completely flooded by the lake. This information is, I assume, only amazing to me, as I have been living in this place all my life, and we have never ever had so much water.

In other news I have been working at the palace during the last 3 days, dealing with children (scary in theory, actually quite managable in practice, plus I got to dress up in what might be taken as a barely acceptable excuse for baroque dress), and getting to grips with the new text for the new exhibition and the general chaos caused thereby.

After work I skirted the forest/park to pluck Bear's Garlic which has been turned into soup and bread-spread. Tomorrow I'm going to make marmalade.

I have also been reading short stories by William Somerset Maugham and have caught up with Tschuschenpower (for outsiders, this is a - rather poor but brilliantly so - production by Austrian TV about a group of immigrant children from Vienna.) I was just getting into it, thinking, excellent, this is gonna be like Skins in Ottakring (!), when I found it in shock that there are and will be only 5 episodes. WTF! Rip-off.

I'm going to see PJ Harvey so soon.

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