Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Lush and ravaged ...

'Live here most of your life and know nothing about the people. It's astonishing. They are children - they wouldn't hurt a fly.'
'Unhappily children do hurt flies,' said Aunt Cora.

This is from Wide Sargasso Sea. Though I am a bit unnerved by post-colonial themes in general, the above passage had to be underlined. Maybe because it is rather universal anyway. But I am not sure, if maybe I am now rethinking my attitude towards certain types of literature, and certain topics. Maybe I'm getting a taste for revolution.

I am a defiant child.
Yes, and it was time to rehabilitate that dress. I've made up for my cruel and unfair treatment of it and repaired the rip. Now it can go out again. With swimming pool blue tights.
I'm currently dressing against the weather, because it's actually quite cold outside, but I just will not put up with it. So I'll dress for spring until it comes!

And Jean Rhys one more time.

I took another road, past the old sugar works and the water wheel that had not turned for years. I went to parts of Coulibri that I had not seen, where there was no road, no path, no track. And if the razor grass cut my legs and arms I would think 'It's better than people.' Black ants or red ones, tall nests swarming with white ants, rain that soaked me to the skin - once I saw a snake. All better than people.
Better. Better, better than people.
Watching the red and yellow flowers in the sun thinking of nothing, it was as if a door opened and I was somewhere else, something else. Not myself any longer.
I knew the time of day when though it is hot and blue and there are no clouds, the sky can have a very black look.

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Alessandra said...

awesome book, awesome outfit, awesome boots, awesome ducks, adooorable room! so warm and welcoming, it seems!