Sunday, 19 April 2009


Driving home from our country trip to Kevin's "mansion" yesterday, we listened to an old NME mix cd with songs by Transgressive Records bands. In fact this mix had always been a favourite of mine, containing stuff like Mechanical Bride and Johnny Flynn as well as this fabulous cover of Kids In America by The Young Knives. Yesterday, song that had previously escaped my attention stood out - it's odd listening to old music again, after your taste and your preferences have changed slightly, when you're a slightly different person with a little more past and a little less future.

I bring to you now: Polytechnic with Pep - a song to appropriately accompany happy and careless (?) days in the sun and the freedom and absolute happiness embodied in driving through an early summer evening in a car, with friends. Fittingly, the video also features driving.

"The one where the dog drives us into space."

And Battle, Tendency, for people who have a tendency to battle.


Dot said...

Ooh thanks for this!
Yesterday was so good.

Dani Chamois said...

My pleasure. :)
Yes it was!