Saturday, 20 September 2008

Cowardly fruit, brave new world.

Here's a picture of a fig cut in half (I love taking photos of my food before I devour the succulent little bastards):

Here's an obscene picture of Neil Hannon with attachments:

(It's hilarious, red haired bride and everything.)

I'm ill, but I will see The Divine Comedy and Paris on Monday.

Something is wrong with our mobile phones. Texting is growing increasingly unreliable. We believe it's possibly a terrible plot initiated by Orange, but we know not why anybody would be so cruel.

I just cut my own hair, now I look like a turtle.

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Dot said...

Feigen! Die erinnern mich daran, dass wir die mal in London von einem Baum gestohlen haben.

Danke für die freundlichen Kommentare übrigens <3