Friday, 12 September 2008

Hybrids and other malapropisms.

I love hybrids. It is probably an extension of my obsession with intertextuality The past has seen me spazzing about zebroids, especially the little baby zebroid which made the rounds on the internet like a new French fashion would've in Restoration England. (drip, drop.)
Today I bring to you a marvellous picture of a Liger:

I think he is called Patrick. He reminds me of my boy-kitten, although that one is more of a lier than a liger. Meaning that he lies around all the time.

The other thing I want to draw your attention to is the word 'chou-croute', which is French for Sauerkraut. The word is fascinating, because according to Wikipedia it's actually a - french - phonological parallel to the Alsatian 'Sürkrüt' (which is nothing but 'Sauerkraut' in another dialect). But interestingly the french word 'chou' (cabbage) has been thrown into the mix, making 'chou-croute' a malaprope hybrid hendiadyoin* that means "cabbage-cabbage", or if you will "Kraut-Kraut".
Anyway I love it, and, by the way, I made some pretty awesome Sauerkraut today.

*there is probably a neat term for this phenomenon already but I have not yet come across it.

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