Monday, 29 September 2008

The Monday after.

Children laugh and play in front of the Parliament while the sun shines with unbearably ironic alacrity in the face of the election result. TV teams are bustling around in the shadow of the splendid architecture of the Ring road, and the politicians are still beaming down from the election posters, most of them with a large "Thank you" slogan pasted across their faces - solely the Greens seem to have dispensed with this superfluous task which is really just a waste of precious ressources, especially in their case - the smiles and thank you's bearing in all cases a certain ambiguity which can be felt somewhere between the solarplexus and the midriff, and which creates a curious sensation that seems to be unable to decide whether it is the urge to laugh or to lament. I feel odd, I have been flogging a horse that turned out to be even deader than expected, and I want to join the general outcry uttered by all people of sense, and say: "Why???"
I have read today, that according to the Anholt-GfK Roper Nations Brand Index (what a name for a thing!) Austria - as a country - is as popular as Norway, and ranks 13th of 50. I assume this will now rapidly change. I expect something like ... Dylan Moran, on Germany ...

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Anonymous said...

Aber was er über die Engländer sagt ist UR wahr! Die imitieren einen immer. Ich finds grauenhaft.