Thursday, 2 October 2008

Paris, Pt. 1

(My exam today was cancelled, or rather postponed. It's in 2 weeks. The day has thus ended quite anticlimactically, and I feel like I'm suspended in the air and a bit deserted. But I'll just try to mobilise some more energy and start revising for the Romanticism exam on Tuesday.)

So here, as promised, is the first round of pictures from the Paris trip!

Paris, Pt. 1: Sleepwalking in the afternoon before the concert

Tired and strung out at 4 a.m. in front of my house:

At the train station by the Charles de Gaulle airport, sitting on cool Brit-pop-coloured chairs.

Sparrows fighting for our Viennoiserie:

A play or musical that was advertised on the metro:

Flâner au Marais:

There are hundreds of 2nd hand bookshops in Paris. It's a shame that I cannot really read french that well ...

Pictures on walls:

Rockerwoman on a bicycle:

Whenever you see a gothic building, you have to shout: "GOTIK!"

Windowshopping. Julia lusting for shoes.

Wonderful display:

There was a shop that sold exclusively these colourful paper bags:

... and a statuesque frenchman in tight breeches ...

... and a prime example of a "Zentralbau" ...

There was a shop that sold exclusively these little finger puppets:

I really don't agree with this.

Lisa is about to do something really irrational and ironic ...

and some architecture ...

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