Sunday, 19 October 2008

Alone and palely loitering with intent.

How fucking great are Phantom/Ghost?
Almost shamefully I have to admit that I hadn't even heard of this project until about 2 or 3 days ago, when Eva told me about the concert that was to take place in the course of the "Themenwochenende" at the Brut theatre. I thought, I'd better tag along, after all I do like Dirk von Lowtzow, and when I saw Tocotronic last year I really couldn't relish it as much as I should have (for reasons that shall, for the time being, remain unexplained.) But how much better this is than Tocotronic?! At least, it is so much more me:
There is this beautiful, and slightly awkward boy-man with the funny voice on a stage, moving in a way that is at once comic and hypnotising, backed only by his friend playing the grand piano. And they play songs that would not sound out of place in a 19th century English drawing room. And the lyrics are taken verbatim or inspired heavily by poetry, literature and classic movies. And they play a song from the Buffy musical!! And!!
I haven't felt this excited during a concert for a long long time - and I think I can even say that the Divine Comedy did not impress me that much (although, of course, one has to take into account that the expectations were so much higher there)

Now, doing my "homework", I am apalled at how long they have been in existence without my knowledge, and naturally I will have to get all the albums, and see them again as soon as possible.
Jesus, there should be more music out there like this. I am terribly, terribly happy to have found this. :) Thank you.

PS: Life signs from nicedayforamood! Wahey. The day is getting better and better.
PPS: I got an A on my seminar paper ... I don't understand. I need an explanation.