Monday, 6 October 2008

Nick Drake vs. Andrea Pozzo

Nick Drake ... Music so sweet that it almost makes you sick. Like an overload of syrup. Perfectly in tune with the autumn sunshine and the fallen leaves among which the airstream of my bike causes revolutionary turbulences as I cycle across the campus. Perfectly in tune even, if I could so far decynicise myself - but I cannot.
And is it necessary?
No need to romantically transfigure what is quite good in reality, right?
I can't think of anything to complain about, apart maybe from a lack of time to do all the things I could think of that I'd love to do right now.

I need to restrain myself from painting my room, for example. (Red, honey-yellow, marble-green, gold - typical colours of high baroque interior design.) No but first of all I need to do this exam tomorrow. And I need to do it well. I need this to continue on this wave of goodness that I'm currently on.
Thank you very much for reading this very strange blog entry, that started all ambient and ended on a sort of manic-neurotic note. Ahh well. Ok, I'm off.

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