Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Book therapy.

Somehow this morning has not been the best I've ever had, and certainly not the best that I could imagine.
It's not a good idea to drink two cups of coffee after 6 p.m. because it results in lying awake until 5 in the morning with tachycardia and a brain that tries to keep up with the heart and floods you with a plethora of distressing images and apocalyptical visions concerning your own social life. At least this happens to me.

As a consequence, getting up at half past 8 felt a lot like sleepwalking, but at least I managed to dress successfully, and get to my university course in time. The course is called "Practical Phonetics and Oral Communication Skills 2 / Advanced Oral Presentation Skills (TRC 125)" but I watched myself incredulously as I participated in play school name games (using a ball!) and other cringeworthy introductory tasks.

So the only way to improve this morning was book therapy - I had to console myself by marinating in book shop atmosphere for a while, and my shopping spree kind of got a bit out of hand (although I do not regret it). I got these treasures:

I love the covers of this "Great Ideas" Penguin series. (Especially the Ruskin is amazing.) They're 4,80 each, so I might try and get them all. (Collector's obsession)
I'm really curious about Flann O'Brien, I've wanted to read At Swim-Two-Birds ever since I read a little excerpt at the Writers Museum in Dublin last year. Arthur & George has been praised by a number of people whose opinion on books I deem trustworthy. And somehow I got the Flaubert because of the Barnes because I am an associative being, and also because the book just looked so good, sitting there on the shelf. (Penguin Designer Classics Series! Cover designed by Manolo Blahnik!) Finally, Paine, for completeness - and it was published in 1776, an amazing time.

This afternoon, I'll continue the escalating consumption at H&M and IKEA. My doom is nigh!

PS: My History of Architecture exam was completed to satisfaction, so I am pleased in that regard - although I, aware of the real extent of my knowledge, still think that a fail would have been a more appropriate mark. :) Prof. Lorenz is lovely though.It's a shame that he's already half-retired.

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