Monday, 24 November 2008

Well, God, it's like this:

1. All of its short life it gives of itself ... giving and giving, and slowly diminishing.


God, let me tell you one thing: this Topshop Beauty must be mine. It must never be hers!

3. I have one request, concerning my own death. Let it not be in winter, and let it come unexpectedly.


Alessandra said...

the dress is super beautiful! I liiike!

as for you want to die by the hand of someone as charming as robert pattinson the twilight vampire? Twilight might as well be a silly thing (I have not read the book, only a few pages in the library and it sees silly and poorly written but I cannot judge, yet) but hell...robert pattinson is so damn beautiful. He reminds me of someone I know (and like) a lot.
At least in the bits of the film I have seen. Same smiles, same gestures at times...cor!
Stop me. I might go see this silly film. help! when did i become even more stupid than I already am? :(

Dani Chamois said...

Hm Robert Pattison is not really my type ... and he is 3 days older than me, that is ... odd.

Alessandra said...

you can reply now!!! brilliant!


Dani Chamois said...

Yes! I have no idea why I hadn't thought of doing it like that before. Idiot-me. :)

Anonymous said...

Ich muss mich deinem Death Request anschlie├čen. Wobei mir Hochsommer auch nicht w├╝nschenswert erscheint.