Thursday, 6 November 2008



And I shall call it ... La Nouvelle Domesticité!

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Alessandra said...

hahaha!!!! great!!
I am loving the wooden floor( I always love wooden floors, as you probably know ), the mirror and the windows!
Your room looks really nice...and you have an interesting way of placing err...trousers around...hahaha!

What the...? Do you have Oviesse over there, too? Really? Unbeliavable!!!!

Sorry for not having replied to your pm yet...and it was me who had bothered you with stuff, in the first place. Really sorry. I've just been busy and been keeping worries regarding those matters locked in my head...wwwhhhhiiiccchhh has been equally torturing, if not worse.

I shall reply tonight or tomorrow, at the patest.

How do you feel? I, for the first time in many days, feel a bit less useless...still feeling crap, though, I am.

Lots of love,