Tuesday, 11 November 2008

As far as I'm concerned ...

You can either live life, or dream life. The former will feel spectacular at the moment you're experiencing it, but it will hollow you out and leave you with a stale taste, and empty hands. The latter will mean you're bored most of the time, but will leave you with a beautiful catalogue of glittering, fake memories which will be hard to refute.

A city romance for two moping expatriates -
Eyes meeting across a crowded city square.
Cigarettes hanging from mouths being flicked onto kerbsides.
Mutual, mute recognition.

Two facts I'm trying to get my head round with difficulty:

1. Just because you care about nothing but knowledge, it does not make you an intelligent person.
2. Just because you're incredibly social and likeable, it does not make you a nice person.

Again a manifestation of the axiom that things are not only not what they seem, they're also not what they are. I am not sure how.

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Dot said...

1+2 stimmen tats├Ąchlich! Wie traurig.