Thursday, 27 November 2008

How can someone so young sing words so sad?

Today, on my way to university, I saw a woman with a knitted hat resembling a tomato. Now, I'm sure, some people can pull that sort of thing off, but it was infuriating on her. The rest of her outfit was really normal and dignified, and the tomato hat was a sort of what-the-fuck-element, in the negative sense.

Examination about Runes yesterday: A!
I'm finally getting some things done, it feels so fabulous.

I had actually planned to go to the shopping centre (mostly IKEA) today, to enrich my life with purchasable beauty, but Julia, who wanted to come with me, didn't have time.

Nevertheless I ended up having a sort of fabulous Thursday. So far I've only done things that felt worthwhile and that is ALWAYS a good thing.
Later today I will learn whether Kevin got the topshop dress in my size or whether I'll have to go on a diet. Meanwhile I'll either finish Madame Bovary or watch Nightwatching by Peter Greenaway, which is a film about this painting:

And I'm really curious about the story the film will make up for this painting, because it mentiones that title, which is completely misleading and not original. The painting actually didn't have anything to do with night. It was set in broad daylight (the members of this compagnie stepping out into the rays out of the shadow of some architecture). Over time the veneer darkened so much that it now looks like it is indeed a "nightwatch". (Isn't that exciting?)

Unrelatedly: The Smiths! !!!


Alessandra said...

big ups for what-the-fuck elements!
I like the idea of contrast between ordinary items and original items...regardlessof whether they are cool or totally uncool haha!

Sunday boring sunday.

Are you really enjoying madame bovary? I hated that book, you know! Well, hate is too strong a word, maybe...I strongly disliked it, though. I have even forgotten it, for the most part. I read it when I was in high school....I think I was 15 or something. I could not stand madame bovary herself, despite partly feeling for her. PARTLY.

Did you watch the greenaway film, in the end?

Alessandra said...

frig me!
i AM such a shitty friend. I forgot to compliment you for the A! Well done, my dear usual smartarse :)


Dani Chamois said...

Well thanks!

Madame Bovary is a matter of ambivalence for me ... I feel like yourself about the heroine, she's horrible. But on the other hand I sometimes do enjoy characters I can hate with a passion (which, then again, is not really possible here) and the book is quite nicely written ... Maybe I just enjoy the novelty, reading something so French, even though I'm not reading it in French, but it is still very French, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, I'm just reading this so I can tick off Flauberty on the Booklovers list. XD

Have still not watched the Greenaway film, but will do so presently.