Saturday, 8 November 2008

Extended Reading on Ida Pfeiffer

For Alex:
I've found out that some of her works are available in English on Project Gutenberg:
'Ave a look!
Obviously it's very unromantic to read books online, but maybe quite handy to get a first taste. In any case, yes, there are translations! :)

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Alessandra said...

Given my allergy to e - books, I don't think I have ever used project Gutenberg, so I don't know how it's bad enough to be forcedto use stuff like jstor fr uni articles... but if necessity calls....alex responds! hahah
Thank you, my dear...I shall check and eventually, print ;)
I have read your pm...I shall start replying to your last three (or two? can't emember) messages after dinner cos I don't have much time to reply properly, right now.

despite my usual contrastive feelings and questions concerning my own useless blog, you made me think that I might actually write a new entry tonight! Not sure about what, though...probably the usual mess of mine hahaha!

Laters, dear xxx