Sunday, 15 February 2009


I finally got my head round to uploading those photos.
I apologise: They're all very poor quality because I am a bad shot with a crappy camera. Then there was never enough light, and one was constantly reluctant to stop and stare and find the time to take a picture because of the cold. So the photos are even worse than mine usually are. But at least they should give you an approximate idea of what we were up to, during those 4 and a half days.

First contacts with the swedish language.

Travel Companion

The niceness turns to slush at our feet.

Me neither!

Foggy Pålsundet as seen from Långholmsbron.

What I ask for in a town: An ample supply of narrow cobbled streets!

Tyska Kyrkan.
It's almost impossible to take in the size of the church inbetween those tiny alleys. And of course, the very top is obscured by fog.

These are not my own glasses. I covet them, though.
(This is our hostel room, which used to be a prison cell.)

We love the sea, and we love ports.

"Dear Diary. Things I learned today: The Vasa museum is not about knäckebröd."

On the last morning, there is finally enough light. But no more time, or money.

We love to fly, and we love airports.

Hej do!

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